Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: *What is the smallest order amount that can be made?
ANSWER: We will always try to accommodate you, however small
your order.
QUESTION: What is the typical delivery time from when the order is placed?
ANSWER: We can have most all orders ready in 3 days to 3 weeks,
of course depending on the size of the order.
QUESTION: How long are the uncut various diameter logs?
ANSWER: We have random lengths with various diameter logs. They
range in length from 8' to 20'.
QUESTION: What is hand clean-peeled log?
ANSWER: This is a log with all bark removed with distinctively
aesthetic, highly desirable cut-lines of the draw knife.
QUESTION: What is hand skip-peeled log?
ANSWER: This is a log with all outer bark removed, while retaining
intermittent patches of inner bark interspersed with clean
peeled portions while maintaining distinctively aesthetic,
highly desirable cut-lines of the draw knife.
QUESTION: What are character logs?
ANSWER: Character logs are those that possess unique characteristics
that can include knot, burls, crooks, etc. that sets them
apart from plain grain logs. No two are the same.
QUESTION: What is a turned log?
ANSWER: Turned logs have been cut to uniform diameter on a lathe.
QUESTION: What do I have to do to the log to put it into a finished product?
ANSWER: Our peeled logs come in whatever state you desire to order,
from raw to ready for final fitting, assembly and ready to
apply finish.
QUESTION: Is Lodgepole Pine a heavy wood?
ANSWER: It is light and strong, making it ideal for furniture,
railing, etc.
QUESTION: Is Lodgepole Pine susceptible to insect damage?
ANSWER: It is extremely resistant to decay and insect damage
when finish is applied.
QUESTION: What are the accent qualities of Lodgepole Pine?
ANSWER: It is accented by distinctive grain and knots. It is
uncommonly smooth-surfaced, making it more attractive
than many other woods. It can be painted, stained and
finished as desired. It is a logical wise choice for
beauty and durability.
QUESTION: What are the woodworking qualities of Lodgepole Pine?
ANSWER: It is light wood in weight plus color and very easy to
work with. Shrinkage and warpage is virtually nonexistent
in our dry Lodgepole Pine logs.
QUESTION: Is Lodgepole Pine subject to checking?
ANSWER: All Logs from any species are subject, in varying degrees
to natural process of checking (longitudinal splitting).
Checking happens as wood releases moisture and normally
occurs across or through the annual growth rings. The
severity is most usually the result of the wood seasoning
process. This is why we carefully air dry our logs,
maintaining good air circulation. Checking does not effect
the structural performance or integrity of the wood.
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